Managing the risks of computers, cloud, and cybersecurity for businesses that depend on Apple, Microsoft, or Google.

So that you can focus on growing your business.

Is technology hurting your bottom line?

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Sometimes when everything is working is when your technology is the most costly of all.  It all seems OK but it’s horribly inefficient.

BestMacs uses our decades of IT support experience to find inefficiencies in your company workflow to improve your bottom line.

Are you in an IT crisis?

Man screaming at his laptop

“My files demand a ransom when I try to open them.”

“Our IT guy just quit and I don’t know what to do next.”

“Am I keeping my customers’ information safe?”

Anyone can help you out of a crisis.  BestMacs helps prevent the crisis, and does it without creating a crisis in your budget.

“Really enjoy working with Best Macs. So far I have been very impressed. We had them re-build our network from basically the ground up. To say they go above and beyond is just not saying enough. They constantly are thinking of the little things that help a business run smooth. Their staff is very personable and friendly, and they are very knowledgeable. With our past IT company I would dread the next IT disaster that I just took as an eventuality. Best Mac’s is proactive and not reactive, and they are passionate about helping our business succeed. Nice to have them on our team!”

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I started BestMacs 20 years ago with the idea that computer support should be friendly. That starts with Apple products, and continues with help that isn’t all jargon and nerd speak. In this video I talk about what a business like mine should do for a business like yours.


– Brian J Best, Founder

“I have worked with Best Macs for over 6 years. During this time, our organization has significantly grown. Without the network strategies put in place by the Best Macs team, our growth would have been hindered. If they don’t know immediately how to accommodate a request, they will research a solution.” – Read more reviews at Apple

Tech Success Strategies

bSafe™ Cybersecurity

24/7 Help Desk Support

Data Protection

Nationwide Remote Help

Threat and failure monitoring

Unlimited Consultation

Friendly Relatable People

Proactive Maintenance

Managed IT Services

Mac, iPad, iPhone Management

Cloud and On-prem Network Services

“Brian and his team have given me invaluable assistance on countless occasions, and they manage to do it without making me feel like an idiot. (Which, when it comes to computers and network solutions, I pretty much am.) I’ve been fortunate to have their prompt and professional service available to me through my employer’s business as well as for my home business. In fact, my home business has been running smoothly and profitably for its first year now, and I would never have been able to even get off the ground without BestMacs.” – Read more reviews at Apple

Do You Like Apple Slices?

We do too! Every week we send our clients a quick tip and a more detailed bSmart™ how-to to help our clients get to know and be more efficient on their Apple products.  Click the links to see some past ones.  If you’d like to receive these in your Inbox when we send them, fill the form and reply to the opt-in email. We’ll slice ’em up for you!