Can you believe the holidays are here already?

How was your year?  It feels like we’re getting back to semblance of “normal” – wasn’t it great to enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing a meal with a friend, or cheer on your favorite sports team from their home stadium, or even just get a hug from a member of your extended family?  Not that we’re out of the woods in terms of disruption, but that’s ok: There is no life of only pleasure and no pain, of only success and no failure. To have one, you must have the other. 

Take BestMacs and Best bSafe for example: we’ve had a stellar year, growing over 30% in 2022 – not bad for a company entering its 24th year.  It’s not all been sunshine and roses; growing requires learning and improving and we had to do a lot of that on the fly; like changing tires on a car while it’s still cruising.  We’re still here, and better than ever, and for that I thank you for your business and your belief in the importance of small businesses.

The biggest gift I’ve experienced this year has been that of networking with new colleagues, some of whom became clients, but most who became referral partners – people whom I could trust to help others.  So if you’re struggling with your business – even if it’s not with IT or cybersecurity – I’d welcome a conversation; let’s see if we can hook you up with someone in my network who can help you.

Likewise, if you know someone concerned about their technology – or if a business you know emails you a social security number or credit card info – I’d be grateful for the opportunity to meet them.

Best wishes for you, your entire team, and your families.