Mac Applications

Apple Technical Support in Kansas City understands that for some, a computer is designed just for work and has to be optimized to do so. While Apple has some great stock applications within its software, there are other unique apps you can find in order to optimize your productivity. Join the best technical support company for Apple in Kansas City in exploring these four Mac applications that could help you out. 


This app is used to help you arrange your desktop in a more aesthetic and logical manner. With this application you can easily slide and snap your screens into place to make the most of your room. This can help you navigate a cluttered workspace easily with just one monitor. 


This mac application is one that keeps your computer from diving into sleep mode. Sometimes we find ourselves in long Zoom meetings, lengthy training videos, and other activities that require less keyboard time. This app allows you to maintain proper use of your screen without constantly on the mouse or keyboard. 

Bartender 3 

If you are like many others seeking Apple technical support in Kansas City, you are a multitasker. This could mean you often find yourself with many tabs open and a poor lag to respond. This app helps you organize that. Bartender 3 allows you to organize the importance of your apps and help you best utilize your speed and time. 


Who can keep track of all their passwords these days? Many sites require a profile, but then you are stuck trying to remember hundreds of different passwords and still keep them safe. This mac applications allows you to safely store all of your passwords in one nifty place. In a fully encrypted vault, your information stays safe and easily accessible to you alone. 

As an Apple help desk in Kansas City, we have seen many different applications and uses for unique programs. These four are designed to help you better utilize your computer space, making the most of your work hours. BestMacs, a Kansas City company that supports Apple, wants you to enjoy your time on your computer and make it easier on you to use. If you find yourself struggling with technical issues that require Mac support in Kansas City, do not hesitate to contact our team at BestMacs. We are the most trusted Apple computer support in Kansas City and are eager to help you solve your problem quickly.