If you are looking to market your business, there are several platforms you can use.  Obviously, social media has become a trendy option.  Using your iPhone, you can make some very high-quality videos that can be used to post your videos on social media.


iMovie is a pretty simple application with a user-friendly interface, 4K resolution support, and you can place it directly from an Apple device to share on social media platforms.  Some other features that stand out on the iMovie app are: 

  • Users can add logos, cast names, and credits 
  • Numerous Templates 
  • Ten filters and eight themes 
  • Extensive music and sound effects library 
  • Video effects and transitions 


This app comes with an advanced video camera and is well-known for having a very responsive manual camera interface.  Other features include: 

  • Standard, manual, and hybrid shooting modes 
  • Variable speed zoom 
  • Six different audio frame rates 
  • Capable of time-lapse recording 
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An app known for being trouble-free and easy to operate is Hyperlapse. One of its best features is recording time-lapse videos, even without the use of a tripod.  Hyperlapse also includes the following: 

  • Captures walking, falling, running with handheld time-lapse videos in motion 
  • Auto stabilize feature 
  • Hyper lapses can be sped up to 12 times the real-time speed 
  • Design is simple so that you can start recording immediately 


Another user-friendly app is WeVideo.  This fun video editing app lets you combine photos, video clips, and theme music from the app’s extensive library.  WeVideo’s other perks include: 

  • Easy to trim and organize videos 
  • Add titles and captions 
  • Allows publishing of HD and 4K videos 
  • Refined speed control, includes slow-motion 
  • Add special effects, animations, and transitions 

If you are looking to give your business a boost, consider trying one of these apps to give you the highest quality videos possible.  

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