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Did you strike out with your Valentine? Did you run by the drug store at 5:45 PM to grab the last box of waxy chocolate or declare “it’s just a Hallmark holiday” and not even get a card? Maybe you promised a lovely date-night dinner and arrived home with a heart-shaped pizza.

It happens all too often when we’re stressed out.

You’re a small business owner so stress is just a part of life, right? Not so fast.

Life and business will always have stress but you can definitely do things to lessen it. You have insurance so you’re prepared for random events that can happen. Your mind is at ease because you know you’re protected and prepared.

But then there’s the whole cybersecurity situation in the world.

You know that small businesses are targets for cybercriminals but it feels impossible to prepare, let alone have any protection, at a reasonable cost. Less stress would be great but so is treating your family to a nice dinner out.

Cybersecurity must be effective, but you can’t afford a fancy firewall with a $4000 price tag. It feels impossible to know who you can trust to provide the right protection for your assets and client data. So you bury your head in the sand and let business stress creep into your life outside the company.

How do your loved ones feel about that?

What if you could get the right cyber protection–proven and comprehensive–without any wasteful spending or fear-mongering?

You can count on BestMacs to provide exactly this!

We have different options that cover things like:

    • Unlimited Consultation
    • Threat and Failure Monitoring
    • Proactive Maintenance
    • Data Protection
    • Mobile Device Management
    • And MORE!

When you feel safe, you’re more confident.

Confidence leads to positive things like increased energy and innovative thinking which can boost your business and your gift-giving game. It also makes you more attractive which will come in handy on date night (don’t just take my word for it, there’s research).

Everyone at BestMacs wants all these things for you and your loved ones. It’s no joke. The world needs less stress and more enjoyment in life.

Are you ready to

    • Feel better about the safety of your and your customers’ data and assets?
    • Be less stressed and more fun on date night?
    • Have more confidence and even a little swagger?

Set up a free consultation today.

Questions? Shoot an email to and we’ll be happy to answer!