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BestMacs have proven to be integral partners in providing proactive support for my business’ IT needs. Honestly, I can’t imagine working w/anyone else—they provide such a complete package of cutting-edge know how, biz savvy, integrity all delivered in a friendly, human manner. They are, indeed, the Best!

Protecting your business doesn’t have to be scary or expensive.  Enjoy the ride with bSafe.

You know cyberthreats are out there: you see them on TV, you hear the stats.  You also know you probably don’t even have good passwords.  And someone wants to sell you a thousand-dollar firewall?? You don’t have time to figure this out, but it’s gotta be right.

Count on bSafe by BestMacs to get you the right protection: proven and comprehensive, without any waste or fear-mongering.

What’s Included?

Password Management

Make it easy to have unique and vritually unbreakable passwords on all your accounts.

Trust Training for your Employees

Not a boring class.  Fun, easy training delivered quickly to create a safe culture.

Attack Simulations

You can’t control what you can’t measure. Let’s see how well your team and technology hold up.


Leaked Password Alerts

Criminals trade passwords on the dark web and use them to log in.  We’ll make sure they don’t have any of yours.

Make Email Safe Again

Sanitize incoming attachments, block attacks, send attachments and sensitive data safely. 

Next-Gen Defenses

Not an ordinary antivirus: software that sees what malware would do and stops it in its tracks.

Patch Your Devices

When your software has a hole and the vendor releases a patch, we test the patch and deploy it quickly.

Network Hijack Protection

Prevent hijacking your Internet connections that sends you to malicious websites.

All for only $80 per person (incl. two devices) per month






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