bSmart™ is BestMacs’ answer for anyone who wants to be a little smarter about working with and supporting Apple devices.  Here you’ll find training videos on Mac support basics, detailed how-tos on Apple and other IT topics, and our favorite quick tips.

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bSmart™ members can also get threat and failure monitoring from their Macs and PCs using our Early Warning System – the same one we use to warn us about problems on our BNO™ and Best Practices™ client computers.  You can install it on unlimited devices for $60/month.  Contact us to get set up.

Audiovisual Tips for Better Videoconferencing

Whether for work or socializing, we’re all spending a lot more time in video calls these days. But—surprise!—it turns out that many of our group video calls could be more pleasant, less embarrassing, and overall better if we follow a few basic audiovisual tips. Make...

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Create Your Own Chat Group Via Slack

Whether you’re working from home or just stuck at home, it can be tough to communicate with colleagues, friends, or family. Sure, there’s email, but that gets hard to manage quickly, and it can be difficult to stay focused with so much news rolling in. For friends and...

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