We are talking about community again here at BestMacs! We love being part of the greater Kansas City community and enjoy seeing it thrive. But we cannot be complacent. It’s an ongoing effort to keep this community great, not a set it and forget it deal. The same can be said about our businesses and technology in particular. Let’s explore.

Community gardens are a great example of how coming together can result in something amazing. A beautiful place to gather, food for neighbors in need, and a shared sense of purpose. Unfortunately, they are also examples of how something disappears when attention and effort wane.


Always Changing

Neighborhoods are ever-changing. While some people and businesses stand the test of time, others come and go. You don’t see many downtown blacksmiths these days. Community gardens that change to address the needs and wants of the neighborhood stand a far better chance of sticking around. A garden that began as a place to sit and enjoy flowers, may need to be converted into a vegetable farm to help support struggling families.

Technology is also ever-changing. Businesses that adapt to address security needs and help their employees be as productive as possible will stick around much longer than those that resist. But knowing the best changes to make can be tricky and hiring a full-time IT person can be more than many businesses need.


Strength in Numbers

Lots of engaged neighbors and businesses are what make communities strong. Everyone rowing in the same direction keeps the community thriving and growing because folks want to be a part of something that feels amazing. But if only half the people want their community garden and the other half don’t care, it’s stressful on the folks working on it. It becomes a point of contention for leaders who are trying to allocate resources and the like.

When every employee is focused on using technology to make their job better and maintaining good cybersecurity habits, the business with thrive! If only a few employees adopt technology and are diligent about cybersecurity, the business won’t be as productive and will be vulnerable to malware, viruses, and worse. Plus, leaders will have to allocate time and potentially money to resolving issues and may risk losing good people in the process.


Staying Top of Mind

Even the best gardens lose their enchantment because something else within the community causes excitement like a new restaurant or movie theater. People unintentionally forget how much joy and value the garden brings to the community so it’s important to have a core group who’s more than happy to remind folks and encourage activity.

Every employee is focused on technology when it’s shiny and new, but as the days go on, it’s easy to revert back to old behaviors, and the continual learning stops. It’s easy to get people to be diligent about cybersecurity after a scare or a single workstation virus, but it’s nearly impossible to sustain that long-term without some serious effort. But who has the time to keep folks engaged with this stuff? Does anyone internally really want to?


The Solution

BestMacs wants local KC businesses to thrive! You are our neighbors, after all. We understand that owners don’t always have the knowledge or time to keep up with the latest in technology and cybersecurity and they may not have the budget for a full-time IT employee. Hiring us to do part-time IT support is often the perfect solution. Plus, we can monitor and update systems as needed to ensure everything stays up and running smoothly.

We can also work with owners to create a culture where change and technology are not seen as enemies but as opportunities. And while it’s true we are not on-site every day, we can support leadership by offering training and cybersecurity drills to keep everyone engaged and cybersecurity top of mind.

Are you ready to nurture the tech and people within your company? Set up a free consultation today and we’ll figure out the best options for your needs and budget.

Questions? Feel free to shoot an email to brian@bestmacs.com and we’ll be happy to answer!