If you have recently purchased a Mac, congratulations!  A Mac opens up possibilities that you are not able to do on other machines.  A Mac’s operating system is user-friendly but do not be fooled; it is still a very powerful machine.  As a leader for Apple computer support in Kansas CityBestMacs will explain some of the ways that you make the most out of your new best friend, your Mac! 

Pick Your Office Software 

Bestmacs, like any Apple help desk in Kansas City, is very familiar with MS Office, which is what most machines use for their office software.  But did you know that it isn’t your only choice?  Your new Mac comes with iWork, a very dependable program that is also capable of saving and opening MS Office documents.  

Another option is LibreOffice.  It can be installed easily on your Mac and does everything you want your workplace software to do. 

Speech Recognition Technology 

If you want to try to enhance your productivity, try setting up the Mac’s built-in speech recognition system.  You will then be able to operate your machine for many functions by using just your voice. 

PDF Software 

As a leader for Apple technical support in Kansas CityBestMacs knows that editing documents in PDF format can be a bit of a process.  With windows, you need to download specialist software to make changes to a PDF.  However, with a Mac, there is a built-in PDF viewer and editor.  Simply load up Preview, and you will be able to edit and annotate PDFs without installing any additional software.  

You can also add a signature to your PDF!  Just hold a piece of paper with your signature up to the webcam, and it will be quickly added to the document.  

Apple computer support in Kansas City

Texting from Your Mac 

As a leading Kansas City company that supports Apple, we know that it can be tough bouncing from one device to another. However, did you know that you can send and receive text messages on your Mac!  As long as your Mac is set up with the same email address that your iMessage account is linked to, you will be good to go!  This is a very popular feature among Mac users.  You actually do not have to own an iPhone to take advantage of this feature. 

If you are looking for an experienced company for Apple computer support in Kansas Cityschedule an appointment today to meet with Brian.  He will gladly discuss how Bestmacs, a leading Kansas City Apple support company, can enhance your productivity with your Mac and all other Apple products.