After you spend enough time on your computer, you find that there are a few things that would make your life a little easier. Thankfully your Kansas City apple support team has a way to ease your computer processes. No, we did not invent shortcuts, but we have found a way to best utilize this tool. Some shortcuts are easy to use and remember. But there is not always a shortcut for what you need. Did you know there was a way to create your own? Join the best technical support company in Kansas City in learning about how you can create your own shortcuts. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Active Mac users like keyboard shortcuts because it’s faster to press a couple of keys than to navigate lengthy menus. Shortcuts are a way to easily access your favorite actions, but sometimes it can be difficult when they are easy to remember, or you have your own you want to create. Make your own! Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. You can then click the + button and choose an app from the Application menu. From there you fill in the Menu Title field and click the Keyboard Shortcut field. Then press your desired key combination and finally click Add. You can also make shortcuts for Safari bookmarks since they appear in the Bookmarks menu. If a shortcut doesn’t work, make sure you typed its menu title right, including punctuation like 3 periods for an ellipsis. In order to edit an item you can double-click the title or shortcut in the list. If you don’t want an item anymore, select it and click the – button. 

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