Stuff happens.

Everyone knows this. The question is are you going to let it happen and then react to it, OR are you going to plan for it and work to minimize it?

At BestMacs, we choose the latter.  And we can prove it by putting our money where our mouth is.  Other Apple Managed IT service providers will charge you hourly for services.  It’s easy to see the value in that: your computer breaks, they spend 3 hours fixing it, and you pay them for the 3 hours.

Our Best Practices service is a flat, easy to budget monthly fee for unlimited services – it covers everything we do for you.  So we’ll spend that 3 hours to fix the computer. But you’ll pay nothing extra.  And the next thing we’ll do is figure out how to never spend that 3 hours again.  Our goals are aligned with yours: you don’t want it to break, neither do we.

We would much rather spend our time improving your cybersecurity, documenting your network and processes, protecting your data, and ensuring that you and your team can work unimpeded.  And we will provide you twice-monthly easy-to-read reports so you can see the relentless improvement.  We love it when it “just works” and so we work to make that happen.

Are you ready for your technology to “just work”?