As a company that provides Apple support for business in Kansas City, we love Apple for a variety of reasons. Not only are they a top dog in the tech industry, but they have also found many ways to keep users productive and work efficiently. One way they do this is through keyboard shortcuts. However, not many people know about the cool tricks Mac computers provide. With that being said, do you know these Mac keyboard shortcuts? 


Word Definition (⌘ + Control + D) 

Rather than pulling up a new tab to Google the definition of a word, Mac devices allow you to highlight a word to receive its definition. 

Screenshot (⌘ + Shift + 3) 

Want to take a screenshot of your computer screen or part of your screen? You can press ⌘ + Shift + 3 to take a screenshot of the entire screen, ⌘ + Shift + 4 to drag the over a section you want to screenshot, or ⌘ + Shift + 5 to screen record. 

Minimize Screens (⌘ + Shift + 5) 

If you have a ton of screens open, you can quickly minimize them all by using the shortcut ⌘ + Shift + M. 

Find Misspelled Words (⌘ + Semicolon) 

Are you a terrible speller? Have no fear. By using the shortcut ⌘ + Semicolon, you can find any misspelled word in a document.  

Undo an Action (⌘ + Z) 

Whenever you want to undo an action, you can use the shortcut ⌘ + Z.  

Lock Your Computer (⌘ + Control + Q) 

Let’s say you are at work and need to leave your computer quickly, but don’t want someone to access your work. By pressing ⌘ + Control + Q, you can lock your computer, and then you will need a password to unlock it. This feature is great if you don’t want to exit or leave your work.  

Quick Computer Shut Down (Control + Option + ⌘ + Eject) 

Sometimes our computers freeze, and we need to shut down the computer immediately. To do this, you can press Control + Option + ⌘ + Eject for a fast shut down.  

Compose an Email (⌘ + Shift + I) 

By using the shortcut ⌘ + Shift + I, your Mail will be opened and ready to compose a quick email. 

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