Early Warning System

At BestMacs, we believe in proactive service.  It lets you stay ahead of problems before they ever become one, saving you time & money.  That simply can’t be done without some kind of early-warning monitoring for your computers. 

When you opt for the bSmart Early Warning system, you’ll receive a .PKG that installs a read-only client for your Macs.  It runs hourly in the background and takes about 10 seconds to execute.  Reports are uploaded to our servers over standard HTTPS.  It does not send any data that would be considered sensitive from a compliance (HIPAA, PCI, etc) perspective. We will reach out to you about any reported issues.

What gets monitored?

Apple RAIDDetects erroneous conditions in Apple software RAIDs (made in Disk Utility.app or diskutil)
Billings ServerLooks for errors in Marketcircle’s Billings Server logs
BatteryLaptop battery health, charge cycles
BackBlazeScans for errors reported by BackBlaze backups
Boot Volume IDWarns when the computer is booted from another volume
Carbon Copy ClonerScans for errors reported by the CCC backup, sync, cloning app
CrashPlanScans for errors reported by CrashPlan backups
DayLiteLooks for errors in Marketcircle Daylite client and server apps
False MountsLooks for folders created in /Volumes that are not mounts from other disks
FileMaker ServerLooks for errors in FileMaker server logs and running status
Internal IPWarns when primary IP address changes on a computer that should not change.
I/O errorsDetects when the system starts to report about errors reading or writing a disk, typically indicates pending disk failure
Kerio ConnectLooks for errors in Kerio Connect logs, run status
Lightspeed ServerLooks for errors in Lightspeed Server
Mac-MSP AlertsWarns on issues related to the Mac-MSP component of SolarWinds MSP RMM
MalwareScans for installed adware/malware and reports on file locations
Network StatusDetects I/O errors on the primary network interface
Panic CountWarns when the computer has experienced a high number of Kernel Panics
POSTWarns when the pre-operating self test has reported errors
RAID Card BatteryDetects when an Apple RAID Card is throwing errors related to its battery
RAM ErrorsScans for RAM errors reported by the system
Root CapacityWarns when the boot volume has less than 10% available free space
SMART ErrorsDetects when the SMART feature of compatible disks is reporting errors
SoftRAID ErrorsDetects erroneous conditions in RAIDs created by the SoftRAID controller
SuperDuperScans for errors reported by the SuperDuper cloning app
Time MachineMonitors Apple Time Machine backup status and reports on errors
UPSReports the status of USB-attached uninterruptible power supplies

How do I remove it?

If you want to remove the client, open System Preferences and click the Monitoring Client icon.  Under the “Operations” tab, you’ll see the “Uninstall Client” button.  That removes everything.

If you aren’t able to do this, contact us and we can issue a removal command that takes effect the next time the computer tries to report in.