BestMacs FAQs

How are you different? 


    • Our approach is pragmatic: you don’t want stuff to break, neither do we. On that we put our money where our mouth is. The key to success is taking a proactive approach.  
    • Even more important is our relationships. 80% of our clients have been with us for over a decade. The rest are just too new.  You don’t get there by being a condescending know-it-all jerk. 

Do you do more than Macs? 

    • Yes, we do soup-to-nuts. For most of our clients we are their IT departments which means Mac, iPhone, iPad sure but it also means routers, WiFi, email, unified messaging, cloud, cybersecurity and more. Yup, even Windows.

      In fact some of our clients are mostly Windows.

Can you repair my broken Mac?  

    • Ironically we stopped doing hardware repair before the 2010s. We have lots of friends who help us out there. 

      Something worth considering: if it’s not under a 3-year warranty it’s probably not cost effective to repair anyway. 

Do you like Microsoft? 

    • Sure do. We love what the new Microsoft has done with cloud solutions, especially Microsoft 365. We include it in our Best Practices service because of all the benefits it brings to our clients.

Will you setup our project? 

    • Only if it’s the start of a beautiful friendship.  

      If you want someone to set stuff up or put out a fire and then go away, that’s not us. We value the long term relationships we build with our clients.  

Our IT guy quit, can you help? 

    • Absolutely. That’s how we got to meet some of our favorite clients. We hope you’re soon to be one of them.  

How do I know I can trust you? 

    • Three ways: first check out our reviews on Google, at the Apple Consultants Network, and right on our website 

      Need more than social proof? Join our Best Friends program. It’s free and gives you a chance to talk with us about your tech challenges with zero risk.  

      Almost convinced but want to be sure? We put a 90-day money back guarantee right on the first page of our service agreement.  

      We aren’t interested in taking money from a bad relationship or if you just aren’t seeing the value we promise.   

How do we get started?  

    • We start with a conversation and talk about your situation. From there one of techs will get to work on our 21 point bPlan. That shows us both how far you are from what we consider a standard, and that also serves as our roadmap moving forward together.  

      Sound good? Let’s get on a call. 

What will we get when we partner with you?   

    • BestMacs will be part of your team, not an outsourced service. Our goal is to use technology as an asset, helping grow your business in an efficient and effective way. Our service will always be prompt and polite. Our clients trust us because of our quick response times, 20-year history of good reputation, friendly experienced technicians who don’t use geek speak, business savvy, proactive holistic approach, and of course 100% money-back guarantee. Let’s make your Macs the best Macs.

How much does your services cost?