Here’s a modern version of an end-of-year letter to friends and family!


Hey friends –

Last year I wrote a holiday letter because that’s what people did before email – write letters to family and friends to share their major events of the year.  Well this year I thought I’d do the opposite and go ultra-modern – with a video!

And I asked 76000 friends to join in and help – and man does this parking lot smell amazing.

I can’t believe 2021 is almost done  – I hope you, your team and your family had a happy and successful year. It’s certainly had its challenges, but I hope maybe you got some proud accomplishments and delightful surprises too!

At BestMacs we had another amazing year.  It’s been so awesome to be a Mac guy this year, with the new M1 chips; the best thing Apple has done for the Mac in a decade.  We ramped up our ability toprotect comapny data on personal iPhones and iPads,  and got better at supporting Windows networks.  And I’ve got an awesome cybersecurity solution I can’t wait to share next year.

On the business side: Many of you watching this are in the marketing field and so you’ll appreciate my newfound love for your work – my budget for marketing activities quintupled this year.  It’s been fun to watch – we signed new clients in Florida, St. Louis, and almost Chicago and of course a bunch right here at home.  The ironic part is most new friends that joined BestMacs this year came from a referral from a colleague or a client like you.  There’s no greater gift than that, and I make darn sure we do a good job to the point that they thank you for the referral as well.

At home, everyone is good.  We’re still taking it a little more cautious than most, but now everyone’s got their shots – including the little guys a couple weeks ago, so I suspect there will be a lot more seeing friends and more visits to our favorite places in the coming weeks like Legoland and Science City… and for me, that starts with beating the Raiders…

That’s my 2021. Now I’d love to hear about yours.  What’s the thing you’re most proud of this year?  Did you get to enjoy a little bit of normalcy?  Please drop me a line!

I’m wishing you a joyous holiday season.  And here’s to an awesome 2022.