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How Efficient is Your Business?

Is your business efficient?

But seriously, take a moment and really consider that question. Do you waste time daily trying to get your technology to work for you? Do tasks pile up as you struggle with tech? Are productivity and profit being sacrificed?

At BestMacs, we understand the value of a hard day’s work, and we intend to help boost your/your business’ efficiency by tackling the technology.

Oh, sure. You’ll set everything up and then leave me to figure out the rest.

Trust us, we hate that as much as you do. We want our clients to excel and what they’re great at and leave the office technology to us.


Let’s Define Inefficient
There’s a secret no one tells you about–we all get blinded by what we get done. We’re diligent workers and those accomplishments are gold. But are we accomplishing our goals efficiently? Output doesn’t mean you’re efficient, it means that you’re getting something done, but maybe not meeting objectives.

Look, we all fall behind occasionally, but repeat offenses are clear signs that efficiency is lacking. Not meeting those goals or quotas regularly? More signs of inefficiency.

Here’s a way to confirm suspicions of inefficiency.

  1. For 2-6 weeks, set some goals.
      • Define related tasks
      • Determine timeframes for each
  2. Track what’s getting done and compare it to what you intended to get done. 
      • If the goal was completed early, grade it an A
      • The ones completed on time, grade them B
      • The ones completed late or not at all, grade those D
  3. Remove the Ds that were out of your control like a supply chain issue or several people on the project team were out sick.
  4. Look at the amount of Ds you have. Are you happy with this number? If you’re falling behind significantly, it’s a strong indication of inefficiency.

Becoming Efficient
First, get rid of technology or devices that don’t serve a significant purpose or are not maintained regularly. For example, if you utilize paper for all that you do, transitioning to digital technology may be what you need to speed up your work and make it more efficient.

Reduce the number of single-use devices (i.e., a separate printer, scanner, and fax machine). Time and space are wasted with multiple devices when you could be using one. Single-use devices not only improve efficiency, but also reduce scalability, are more affordable to purchase and maintain, and encourage collaboration. Oh, and you may be able to save money on a smaller office or finally be able to hire that new person because there is space!


How Bestmacs Helps
First, we get to know your business and understand your goals and dreams. We’ll get a current equipment inventory and help you determine the best setup and devices. It’s not your job to know all the options, it is ours.

Downtime = Dollars Lost so we offer nationwide remote support for Mac-powered businesses when they need it. Tech problems must be resolved fast because they impact everyone from your employees to your clients so we’ve developed a system where we can provide significant support from our offices and eliminate the travel time.

We also offer proactive maintenance, managed IT services, data protection, and other services with the intention to keep your business up and running. Our goal is to protect your assets, and we define success as when we are able to help businesses and keep them working, without complaints. BestMacs holds ourselves to the highest of standards to ensure our clients are productive, efficient, and protected.


Our Results
The most important result of our services is peace of mind for our customers. Life is busy and can be stressful, often because we are doing too many things at once. Let us take a load off of you and keep you sane while you keep your business running. Less stress means better sleep and we all know better sleep makes us…more efficient!

Interested in more efficiency and less tech stress?
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