I once met a DIY business owner who as part of his company’s workflow wanted to capture simple info from each customer who came in to the store: name, address, phone and a couple other nuggets related to his business. How do you think he captured that info?

Paper? Yeah that would be horribly inefficient for a lot of reasons, but no he at least used a computer.

Spreadsheet? That wouldn’t be as awful but no.

Database? You would hope so.

No, the DIY’er was using Adobe Illustrator.

If you’re not familiar, Illustrator is a program for creating artwork. Lots of my creative clients – like ad agencies – use it to create original graphics.

Our friend the DIY’er had taken a class in Illustrator a number of years prior and got very comfortable with it. So, when a new customer came in, he created a new Illustrator file, added some text fields and captured the info. You can’t make this stuff up.

Because BestMacs is on your team, just not on your payroll – we look for things like this as we get to know each other and work together. They’re not always so egregious, but sometimes it’s finding a better tool, or leveraging some networking techniques like cloud computing – stuff that we know inside and out, or stopping something that could put the business in harm’s way.

Imagine the DIY’ers delight when we set them up with a true database solution that they could access from anywhere. How much more efficient their business became. How much easier it was to train their employees as the business grew..

Ready for a Kansas City Apple support company to do that for you?