When Steve Jobs debuted the iPhone in 2007, he called it “an iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator” – I was there in the 8th row; it was awesome – but I wonder if at that time he knew what power the App Store would eventually bring.

Sure you can play games, scroll Twitter, and listen to music. But what about getting your work done? Obviously there’s email, websites, text messaging, and voice calls.

No, I mean getting real work done!

What about nailing down the finer points of that slide deck for your sales presentation? Or updating the company financials? Or writing that scripting method that’s been stumping you for weeks but the answer pops into your head while standing in the checkout aisle at Hy-Vee?

A recent survey conducted by Apple showed that over 60% of iPhone users never do anything outside of basic communication.

That’s mind boggling to me. When I wrote our tools for automated maintenance, I often did so in places where using my laptop was impossible – like the aforementioned Hy-Vee (probably Price Chopper too), or with a baby in my lap, and heck, inspiration even struck once or twice during halftime at Arrowhead Stadium. So I fired up apps like Apple Keynote, Microsoft Excel, and Trello. My favorite was a lesser-known app called Textastic (picture on the right) that let me update my maintenance scripts on iCloud. So they were waiting for me to test when I got some Mac time at my desk.

Oh and of course I’m writing this on my iPhone while waiting for my lunch to finish cooking. 🙂

Business experts are always talking about grinding, 90-hours-a-week-and-loving-it. To me what’s really important is work/life balance. iPhone is a powerful tool because it lets you steal back time that would otherwise be wasted.

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