What October means for your business' safety online

October means cooler weather, leaves changing, Halloween… oh, and since we’re on something spooky, in IT October means CyberSecurity Awareness Month. Here at BestMacs, it also means a special milestone, and one we’d like to celebrate by helping you solve the CyberSecurity problem.

Want to hear straight from the source? Ride along with Brian (and Tesla Autopilot) while he talks about October, BestMacs’ milestone, and bSafe.

If CyberSecurity feels more frightening than Halloween then you’re not alone. As much as we hate spreading fear, here’s some scary stats:

58% of malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses. 

In 2017, cyberattacks cost small and medium-sized businesses an average of $2,235,000.

92.4% of malware is delivered via email.

60% of small businesses say attacks are becoming more severe and more sophisticated.

At BestMacs, we’re increasingly cognizant of this landscape. So we’re putting together our recipe to protect our clients’ businesses. We call it bSafe.

bSafe covers all aspects of your tech - yup, even Windows PCs - but goes beyond tech to help your employees make smart decisions about your company data while using their devices.

bSafe starts with these cornerstones:

  1. group training for your people to help them make safe decisions

  2. our dark web monitoring to help you stay safe from stolen credentials

  3. hands down the best anti-malware solution available to keep your Mac safe

Pair bSafe with the cloud-based backup and patch management that’s already in place for every BestMacs client, and we have a solid foundation. But that’s just the start. We’ll add more technology solutions as we go for a holistic, proactive approach to your business’ security.

Want to know more, or simply want to bSafe? Contact us today!