The Trick to Software Updates

I got a panicky call from David this morning about Microsoft Office 2016's latest update.  Seems that after you install it, you come to work the next morning and fire up Outlook and it wants you to login.  But then it rejects your credentials and nothing works.  No email no calendar, nada.

So let's talk about software updates or as we IT geeks like to call it: patch management.  I view this is as a fundamental part of the services BestMacs provides.  Keeping your software up to date is important for security and bug fixes BUT the software vendors like Apple and Microsoft - they don't always get it right on the first try.

Every week or so I download all the updates that came out in the previous 7-10 days and I install them on a test computer. I fire them up to make sure they install properly, and don't have any major problems like the Microsoft update mentioned above.

Why do I do this?  Am I insane??  (Maybe a little.)

No I do it because A) I want to make sure you don't bump into what people were calling David about this morning; an update that breaks stuff, and B) I want to save you time!

update nag iTunes.png

I know you've seen the annoying pop up.  If you say OK fine and you do what it says - ignore that you might open yourself up to a bad update, most of them are OK - but did you know that interruptions like this can cost you as much as 15 minutes of productivity on top of the update itself?  That's real money in payroll!  I did the math for a client once, each update was $7 of employee downtime.  And they did about 6 updates a month.  For 60 computers and for all the software that each employee was updating themselves, that was as much as $30000 in lost productivity... on PATCH!

So ignore those annoying "update me" dialogs.  I try to make most of them go away myself but some of them will nag you no matter how much I try to stop them.  Click the "Don't show this again" popup if you would.  Let me test them, and then be sure to logout at the end of the day so we can install them for you.

If you'd like to see a report of what we've installed and how much time that's saved, drop us a line!