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The Winter Olympic Games just wrapped up and it got us thinking about the huge ski jumps and we wondered how those athletes started. It’s not like they push a 7-year-old down at 390-foot ski jump (for reference, the Statue of Liberty with the pedestal and foundation is 305 feet tall).

At some point, an athlete shows aptitude and a desire to try it and there are coaches, equipment managers, safety experts, and other specialists to make sure they train the proper way and stay as safe as possible.

Important, right?

What if the athlete didn’t have one part of that crew?

Other people with less expertise could help with tools and their own knowledge until a certain level of difficulty is reached or there is an injury (I was reading an article and it said all ski jumpers have broken bones-yikes).

Once that threshold has been met, not having experts in every role of the ski jumper’s team will eventually lead to subpar performance or worse injury. That won’t get the athlete to the Olympic Games.


Now you’re probably wondering why IT folks are blogging about ski jumping.

Small businesses have the same threshold where they need experts in every role–including IT support. Once a business relies on technology for daily work and critical data storage, it’s essential to have skilled support to make sure everything is running optimally and safely.

Your clients and employees depend on you to keep their information safe. Employees want technology that supports them in doing efficient work. And customers want reliable goods and services.

As your company expands, you want specialists as partners so you can grow in a safe and orderly manner. Chaos is a close cousin with confusion and catastrophe and none of this is good for growth.

The great news is BestMacs can be the IT expert for your small business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time permanent employee.

We have different options that cover things like:

    • Unlimited Consultation
    • Threat and Failure Monitoring
    • Proactive Maintenance
    • Data Protection
    • Mobile Device Management
    • And MORE!

We won’t push you down the ski jump when you’re not ready. We will help you be safe and efficient at every stage of your business.

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