The future of offices in a post pandemic world photo

The appearance of COVID-19 caught everyone in the world off guard. Businesses were impacted by the onslaught of the pandemic the most when government agencies mandated them to close their doors and send employees home to work remotely, many for the first time in their lifetime. For the proactive businesses that had been investing in their IT, this was an easy transition. Employees placed their laptops in their bags and went home like any other day; because they already had their online tools and processes ready to handle work-from-anywhere. On the other hand, more reactive businesses found themselves scrambling to adopt solutions that would allow their employees to work from home.

Now, with COVID vaccinations rising, the potential of returning to the office appears slightly more possible. However, many businesses are still struggling to figure out what the workplace post-COVID will be. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution.

While it may be easiest to default back to our pre-COVID office practices, let’s not forget about the gains that businesses and workers have made over the past year. Being forced to work from home forced companies to adapt and engage tools like Zoom, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, or VPNs way sooner than they would have otherwise. The implementation of cloud technologies has transformed the traditional workspace. It has shown us that with the right tools, productivity is virtually possible outside of the office, contrary to popular belief. Most importantly, though, the time away from the office has given businesses a chance to assess what’s important and made them implement some new processes and tools they may have never considered trying before.

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