The iPhone 12 was officially released to the public back in October of 2020.  As a leader for Apple technical support in Kansas CityBestMacs is extremely excited about some of the enhancements to the premier phone on the market.  This article will cover some of the newest features that the iPhone 12 has to offer.   

As a leading Apple support company in Kansas CityBestMacs realizes that iPhones are not exactly one-size-fits-all, so Apple has created multiple versions of the iPhone 12 to accommodate different users.  We will discuss the benefits and differences of each model below. 

  • iPhone 12 
  • iPhone 12 Mini 
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 

(Note: The prices listed for each phone are approximate prices for a new phone bought directly from Apple) 

iPhone 12 (around $800) 

As the base model for the new iPhone series, the iPhone 12 has something that no other iPhone base model has offered before, an OLED display.  This display allows for a broader range of colors on its 6.1-inch screen than the iPhone 11’s LCD screen.   

The screen’s durability has been upgraded for all iPhone 12 models.  All iPhone 12 screens are made with ceramic crystals embedded in the glass.  These crystals are included to help decrease shattered screens, which is music to the ears of any Apple help desk in Kansas City

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Another new addition to all iPhone 12 models is MagSafe technology.  The phone’s exterior can now attach to magnetic accessories such as a wireless charger or a wallet.  As a leading apple support company in Kansas CityBestMacs knows that this is an excellent feature for people frequently on the go! 

iPhone 12 Mini (around $700) 

Although this is the smallest of the iPhone 12 models, many Kansas City Apple technical support companies love the iPhone 12 Mini.  The 5.4-inch screen is perfect for those who don’t enjoy a bigger, bulkier screen.  It also comes in at 4.76 ounces compared to the 6.66 oz iPhone 12 and 8.03 oz iPhone 12 Pro Max.  The Mini still offers many of the new iPhone 12 features, such as the OLED screen and MagSafe technology. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max (around $1100) 

Camera lovers are in heaven when it comes to the new iPhone 12 Pro Max.  With an impressive 6.7-inch screen and a large image sensor, the Pro Max produces the best low-light photos and videos of any phone available today.  Similar to the other iPhone 12 models, the Pro Max features an OLED display and MagSafe technology.  This phone is a must-have for any Kansas City company that supports Apple products, especially if you want the biggest screen of any phone on the market! 

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