How BestMacs is handling the COVID-19 pandemic

This is a brutal time for the millions of people suffering because of lost wages, closed businesses, and everyone who is sick, hospitalized, or loved ones who have died. Our thoughts are with them all.

While many businesses have had to completely restructure in the wake of COVID-19, the “New Normal” is business as usual here. BestMacs was made to handle moments like these.

In 2008 when my first son was born 9 weeks premature and spent 2 months in neonatal intensive care, I went from working 80 hours a week to maybe 5. I knew I had to learn how to support my clients with serious time and location constraints. 

Twelve years later that boy is taller than his mom. And BestMacs has spent a decade practicing how to support you wherever and whenever.

We built a custom system for staying in constant contact with our clients’ most important devices. With it we can instantly respond to support requests – often without interrupting the person getting their work done.

For our clients who are proactive thinkers they were ready to go with Work From Home – things like cloud-based documents, bSafe™ cybersecurity solutions, mobile devices and infrastructure. 

Some of our clients prefer a more reactive approach and that’s ok: we got them quickly hooked up with new laptops, iPads, VPNs, video conferencing accounts. And we are having conversations about implementing modern systems for the New Normal.

Still some of our clients are struggling beyond just technology. So we are helping with things like deferring our invoices, and getting them set up with new ways of generating revenue. “On your team” isn’t just a slogan. We exist to help our clients succeed.

As for the BestMacs team, we are all capable of doing this from our homes. We are avoiding going to client locations unless critical. Otherwise it’s our regular routine.

We can even onboard new clients right now, so if your current answer for technology success is having a hard time, give us a call. We are ready to help.