Apple Macintosh

Each company has their own unique story and fun facts. For some, they are widely known and openly discussed throughout the industry, but for some brands that have been around longer there are more hidden facts about the company that many are not aware of. Being a proud Apple help desk in Kansas City, we have spent years studying Apple Macintosh and their products. However, there is still much to learn about the company that many are unaware of. Join us in exploring these three little known facts about Apple Macintosh. 

Message in The First Logo 

The first logo of Apple Mac featured the amazing Isaac Newton, known for his history with Apples. Designed in 1976, this logo was designed to speak on the evolution of science and technology. However, this logo did not last long. Anyone who seeks out a Kansas City Apple Support Company knows that this logo is not what we associate with the company. Steve Jobs said that the design was too old fashioned, and perhaps too highly detailed to easily recreate for branding. Jobs wanted a modern logo to show his efforts in advancing the world of technology. The simple logo we know now is much simpler than the original design. 

The True Origin of the Name 

Believe it or not, the name truly does come straight from the fruit. Named after Steve Jobs’ favorite treat, the McIntosh Apple, this company name came right from the store. Those of us who offer Apple technical support in Kansas City know that this brand is now a common household name, but many do not know the true origin. 

The Rocky Start 

Lastly, one of the most little-known facts about Apple Macintosh is that there were originally three founders. However, the third founder left the company just after twelve days and sold his share for around $800. In this short time, Steve Wozniak, the third founder, made leaps to help this company grow. To gain more capital for the company he sold his scientific calculator and put the money towards Apple Macintosh. 

Now you are more well versed than many when it comes to this famous brand. Kansas City Apple support companies encourage you to keep doing these studies with your favorite brands to learn more about the company. Our team of a Kansas City company that supports Apple is prepared to help you with any difficulties you may run into with your beloved Apple Macintosh product. 

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