Automatically, Apple gives every iCloud account 5GB of free storage. However, for many people, 5GB is far from enough space, and it can disappear quickly. When you find that you have used all of your space, here are some tips for when you’re low on iCloud storage, according to our Kansas City Apple support company. 

Tips For When You’re Low On iCloud Storage

Purchase More iCloud Storage Space 

Apple knows 5GB isn’t enough for the typically Apple user, which is why they offer users to purchase more space. For $0.99 per month, you can get 50GB, for $2.99, you can get 200GB, and for $9.99 you can upgrade to a 2TB plan. This article on Apple’s website thoroughly explains how to purchase more storage.

Remove Old Backups 

An easy way to immediately achieve more space is to remove iCloud device backups from old Apple devices that you do not use anymore. Not many people know about this, so it is very easy for these old backups to stick around. For example, if you recently upgraded to a newer iPhone, you likely have your old phone’s backup still consuming gigabytes on your device. 

Delete Unnecessary Data 

When you check your iCloud storage space, you will see what apps on your phone take up the most space. The Photos app is likely taking up the most storage on your phone. The best first step is to delete any screenshots, duplicate photos, videos, or photos you no longer need to increase storage.    

According to our Apple support company, the next app that tends to take up a ton of storage on iPhone’s is the Messages app. To significantly increase space in your phone, go to your iCloud storage screen, press Messages, and see which conversations take up the most space. Then go through and delete any photos, GIFs, or the entire thread.  

Delete Old Emails 

Along with Photos and Messages, Mail tends to also take up a large amount of space. To free up storage, our Apple support company recommends going through your email and deleting any old emails and attachments that are no longer relevant. It may also be beneficial to unsubscribe from any newsletters you don’t want to continue receiving.  

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