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Webinar: Actions You Can Take Today to Keep Your Business Safe

You’ve seen it on the news, on your social feeds, and even in popular culture. Cyber crime: hacking, ransomware, phishing scams: they’re all on the rise. The surprising thing is that the great majority of these attacks could’ve been easily prevented, including the recent Colonial Pipeline Hack that caused a gas shortage across the East coast in 2021. How could you have stopped this from happening to your business?

Thursday, April 28, 2022
12:15 PM – 1:00 PM CDT

Please join us as we discuss how businesses can protect themselves and keep cyber crime at bay in an educational, interactive webinar. This webinar includes a dynamic discussion between Training Umbrella Founder and Lead Trainer Christy Rogers and Best bSafe founder and CEO Brian Best, as well as attendee polling and live Q&A. Take advantage of this opportunity to arm yourself with most effective techniques for protecting your business from an attack, and to share that with your employees.


        • The surprising truth behind a $4 million ransomware attack
        • Why Target, Home Depot, and Equifax won’t be victims again and why that should terrify small business owners
        • The single most important paradigm that all employees should understand and practice
        • How to make a good password. Hint: it’s not changing S into $ or O into zero
        • Quick tips and action items you can implement today to improve your safety

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