Got an Apple product that you’re selling? Maybe you upgraded to a new iPhone, and the old one still has some time left on the extended warranty? AppleCare+ will up the resale value of any product you sell, and it’s pretty simple to transfer ownership to the new owner.

AppleCare+ is available for… pretty much everything these days. Originally introduced back in 2011 to cover accidental damage on iPhone, it’s been extended to other products until, in June of 2017, it finally expanded to include the Mac. The idea, if you’re unfamiliar with the service, is pretty simple: it extends your warranty an additional year (for iOS devices) or two (for Macs) just like the regular AppleCare extended warranty, but that little + affords you two incidents of accidental damage that you wouldn’t get otherwise. You pay a small penalty instead of the sometimes eye-popping cost, and then you’re on your merry way.

Great product to have, right? Pretty valuable, too. So why not take it into account when you’re selling a product? Here’s how to make sure you get that coverage transferred to the lucky new owner of your old faithful Apple device. You’ll need a few things first:

That last one can be a little tough to come by, but the place of purchase will usually be able to help you out if you’re not meticulous about saving receipts. You’ll also need to know the name and address of the person buying the product from you.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that there’s still some life left in that warranty. Again, the rule of thumb is two years for iOS products and three for Macs, but if you’re not sure, this site will tell you: Check Your Service and Support Coverage.

Once you’ve got all of the legwork done, it’s time to call Apple. You can write a letter or request a transfer online, too, but the phone is by far the easiest. They’ll take care of the rest!

Once you’ve hung up the phone, you can kick back, relax, and start reading up on all of those iPhone X Plus rumors!

Once cool aspect of this service that not a lot of folks know about: you can even transfer AppleCare+ coverage between your own devices that are the same type of product, as long as you do it within 30 days of your original device purchase.