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What is BestMacs? Your IT Solution

So you’re in the market for some IT assistance…what do you look for in a potential employee or partner?

More likely than not, you’ll be looking for 3 things:

  • affordability,
  • a problem solver who will make less work for you,
  • an honest partner who is a good communicator and up-front about their progress and needs.

But what are you really looking for?

The list above is nice but vague and those items mean different things to everyone. Let me give you some specifics to consider.

First and foremost, cybercrime is on the rise and cybersecurity is critically important. Affordability is an important factor, but if your IT systems aren’t secure, it will cost you more down the road. It’s important to find someone who can provide solutions that meet all your needs.

What if I said you can get all of these things and spend less money than you would for a full-time employee?

It’s absolutely possible by partnering with a Fractional/Outsourced business like–you guessed it, BestMacs!


What is a Fractional/Outsourced Business?

BestMacs serves as your personal IT department, keeping things safe and your tech up and running, without the fuss of a full-time IT person or staff. Our customers need high-level help, expertise, and support whenever it’s needed.


Benefits of a BestMacs

“Great, but how does this help me?”

  • You will save money. Employees are expensive and we provide all the support and security but you don’t pay our salaries, vacation time, workers comp, or benefits! We prioritize value over profits, which is why you may hear us say that we want our customers to put us “on their team, not just on their payroll.”
  • You get 20+ years of experience! We’ve solved more problems than most seasoned IT Directors have seen. Our expertise is always growing because we support many companies simultaneously and use that knowledge to help all of our clients.
  • We care about our clients. At BestMacs, we take on a job because we want to work with you and help make your life easier. Rest assured that a partnership with us is not simply contractual – we pride ourselves on the genuine relationships we create with our customers within the KC community.
  • You’ll sleep better because you’re not worrying about all the “tech stuff!” Who can’t use better sleep?

If you’re ready for a Kansas City Apple support company devised of qualified experts that are a fraction of the cost of a part-time college kid, look no further. Set up a free consultation today so we can discuss how to help you out!

Questions? Feel free to shoot an email to and we’ll be happy to answer!