Because Apple makes the most private and safe platform in the world today.

When we started Apple computer support in Kansas City back in 1999, it looked a lot different than today – and so did the world. But we liked it because it was so user-friendly.

Today we love it because iOS was built with security in mind from the very first iPhone in 2007 and it has yet to experience a major security flaw.  Apple is also bring those technologies over to the Mac to help make it even more secure than its already excellent UNIX underpinnings.

Most of all, in today’s world where every company wants to know everything about you for their own monetary gain, we appreciate Apple’s stance on privacy. Considering how they earn their money, their position is credible, too.  Remember if you didn’t buy the product, you are the product. Apple may be the only major tech company that respects our privacy the way they should.

Do you love the Mac?  Need a Kansas City company that supports Apple on your side that does too? 

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