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You Want Your Tech to Work – We do Too!

It’s 11:15 PM and you are proud of this presentation that took you the entire day to create! You worked hard and paid attention to the fine details to get it just right for your client. Now you just have to save it to the cloud and…wait…what?? NOOOOOO!!

In a flash, 50% is gone.

Now instead of heading to bed ready for a good night’s sleep, you will be spending another 5 hours recreating what was lost.

It’s not the glory days of college. No one wants to pull an all-nighter.

Take a moment to evaluate how your technology is running and where there might be some hair-pulling gaps. Auto-Save and other helpful tools don’t always work. Are you prepared?

At BestMacs, we want your tech to work just as much as you do. Experience has taught us that many businesses run tech on a hope and a prayer – hoping everything keeps running as intended and praying hard when it comes crashing down! Think of it this way – when you decide to improve your health, it requires a plan of action, intention, changes in habits, and ongoing maintenance to keep you fit for the future. Tech is the same.

Let’s dive into the details!

What is Technology?
What do you consider technology to be? Technology as a whole can be a great tool but it’s essentially a means to an end. Think about all of the things you need technology to accomplish: daily tasks for work, homework for your education, shopping in order to provide for yourself and your family, phone games … the possibilities are endless.

What would life look like if tech went dark? (When was the last time your cable went out during sudden-death overtime). Tech works and does what it should most of the time. Why? Because someone is responsible for all the pieces working successfully together!

But then there are those times when tech emergencies and inconveniences create chaos, set you back, and cause you, your customers, and your team immense frustration and angst. Hey, these things happen.

BestMacs understands technology and the role it plays in your life. Our job is to ensure that the processes and services designed to keep your tech up and running work seamlessly, efficiently, and make you look good – I’m talking Brad Pitt good.

Is Good Enough, the best result?
Short answer–No. When something goes wrong with your tech it has to be fixed. The problems can range from it doesn’t operate in a way that optimizes your output to not functioning at all. It doesn’t really because we rely on it, we’re at its mercy and when we can’t do what we need, tech is useless.

Your investment in technology is costly and warrants more than “good enough” output and performance – you deserve excellence and seamless execution.

What Processes Are In Place In the Event of an Emergency?
What is your game plan? What processes are in place to protect sensitive information, to work with disgruntled customers, and to preserve your precious time, all things that directly impact your bottom line?

Let’s look at our ‘getting healthy’ analogy again. We get healthier to prevent illness and we put plans in place to help our families should we be out of commission. We have partners like our doctors, trainers, insurance brokers, and estate-planning attorneys to help us with the planning and execution.

BestMacs is your tech partner in much the same way. We help you with a plan and make sure things run 24/7. Time is money. That’s why we have processes in place to get you back up and running ASAP should things go sideways. Once the crisis is averted, we maintain your tech to ensure optimal well-being.

If you’re ready for a Kansas City Apple support company dedicated to helping your business thrive, look no further. Set up a free consultation today so we can discuss how we can help you sleep better tonight!

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